Channel/Distribution Research


Research value:


Channel management solution can help you plan your distribution/channel network, evaluation and selection of distributors, optimize channel service standards, to help companies assess and improve service capacity and service level. We have a self-developed channel management model, industry benchmark research model


- Qualitative research: face to face interview, FGD

- Quantitative research: Quantitative consumer research, service performance monitoring, user behavior monitoring

Application in:

Channel planning
distribution model can effectively help you to planning channel management. Distribution of programming is including distribution selection, channel functions, number of distribution network, and channel success factors.

Business Circle
Business Circle level through comprehensive consideration of economic, transportation, population and income levels of the district to assist you in developing the distribution network planning. It can be refined to the city level, county level three fixed-point level and street level.

Optimization of distribution service standards
In the key service indicators, based on the combination of corporate strategy and the principle of market dynamic to help you develop a channel or network and to optimize the service standards as the implementation of management, capacity building, and effectively achieve the goals of corporate marketing.

Channel audit (mystery shopping research)
Mystery shopping research is widely used in a monitoring and inspection of distributers' (or dealer) sales and service level and standards. It can help you understand the service quality of sales, dealers’ implementation of the business policy, competitors and benchmark sales and service dealer status. Inspection software platform can also be provided for the channel, enterprise management to access online, and get real-time, dynamic results.

Customer Satisfaction Study
Customer satisfaction is to help you understand the customer services feedback status, analysis of user expectations, to find the reasons for users' dissatisfaction, improve the level of sales or services. For the automotive, telecommunications, retail, IT and other fields, we provide a number of special satisfaction research throughout the year, accumulated a wealth of research experience, and formed a unique research model of customer satisfaction (CSI ™, Customer Satisfaction Index ™).


In the automotive, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical, IT & Telecommunications, mobile phones, home appliances, software applications, entertainment and other industries