China has a broad future of the pharmaceutical products’ market. It can also provide the core resources and market for foreign enterprises in the entire pharmaceutical industry value chain: quality R & D team, adequate reserves of clinical doctors, as well as low-cost production capacity.

Although there is huge market potential, the medical industry is a highly competitive market, with huge risks. Companies need the right strategy and market insights in order to maintain its leading position in this field a long time. Clear understanding of the market and consumer segmentation is an important prerequisite for the successful occupation of key areas and to achieve profitability. Other challenges include: the innovation of the drug development process; bioinformatics and computing the results of biomedical; the impact of the biopharmaceutical; changes in the composition of the population and therapeutic areas; patent protection of the environment; potentially significant impact of drug patents expire and generic drugs to compete; health care plan adjustments; quality improvement of health care providers and management role; the promotion of commercial health insurance; retail change in the mode; the impact of IT and communication technology.

EBMRS in the Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare industries throughout the value chain, leading companies to have extensive cooperation; our consultants have the deep expertise and long experience in the field of medicine. Our medical practice is including health care market research, pharmaceutical product, biotechnology, e-commerce, business strategy, market entry and growth strategy, market assessments, manufacturing and supply chain research, marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

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