Processing and manufacturing industries are continuing and accelerating the changes. Most chemical, oil, natural gas, paper, steel and metals processing and manufacturing enterprises are restructuring and reengineering their business, in order to surpass their competitors, increase profitability.

The merger of the entire processing and manufacturing is shrinking the industry's strategic planning cycle. Therefore, the strategy is not only to ensure the viability of the enterprise lasting, but also to provide short-term results.

One of the outstanding abilities of EBMRS is a deep understanding of our industry and our use of knowledge, ability to form a viewpoint. In this changing environment, we help our clients succeed and accelerate development. We work with clients, developing strategy, to determine the marketing plan of action to adjust the target, and that would really enhance their business objectives.

Our services include the following core areas:

• Market entry research
• Market assessments
• Competition analysis and monitoring
• Consumer insights
• Strategic sourcing
• Market planning and control
• Distribution network optimization
• Customer Service

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