About Us

EBMRS is an innovated, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization, providing research services to clients. EBMRS has believed that if we do the right things-aligning people and market with customers’ expectations – we will get to the right place.
Our goal is to add value to our clients in our areas of specialization. Each of our team will pleased to offer high quality standards, efficiency and intelligence to our clients.


Members of the EBMRS team have been providing consulting services to a diverse range of industries and clients for many years, including in management and executive positions at national and international market research firms prior to forming EBMRS. This well of experience allows us to offer a benefit-rich value proposition based on a versatile, cost-effective approach to improving performance and implementing complex change.


EBMRS enjoy engaging with our clients and their peers to learn more about their industries and their business priorities, and hone our business insights. We collaborate closely with technology solution providers as our clients’ needs dictate to help ensure smooth adoption of new systems and tools, and to facilitate our clients’ fullest exploitation of the capabilities the tools offer for improving service, quality and productivity. 


EBMRS is passionate about finding ever better insight and solution for our clients.  Our team members are seasoned research people and we work closely with them to ensure that they share our values, and have skills to make your project a success. Our collective experience is deep, and broad, augmenting your team’s effort and subject-matter expertise to accelerate their progress. Our researchers are respectful, solution-focused, and dedicated to delivering a return on your research investment that will grow over time.

What we do

We help our clients explore market potential and market trends, and build long term relationships with customers. We study audiences and their perceptions of various products and marketing activities. 
EBMRS has been at the forefront of market research provider, we providing high-quality research in the Manufacturing, FMCG, IT & Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. Now we build Beijing and Shanghai research center, and our executive capable which covers in the 30 major cities in China.
Our market research information helps companies make fact-based decisions in order to:
• Identify new business opportunities
• Guide new product development
• Develop marketing strategies
• Enhance sales force performance
• Strengthen category management
• Optimize the promotion/advertising mix
• Understand consumer behavior and customer satisfaction
• Increase market share

EBMR's typical study:

• Industry research
• Product research
• Competitor research
• Consumer research
• Research on distribution channel

We offer our clients with a wide range of customized consulting service of market intelligence in China.
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