EBMRS is a professional market research and consulting service provider, offering various marketing research services. It is a member of the International Association for Public Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), American Marketing Association (AMA), and member of China Marketing Research Association (CMRA). We provide customized market research, marketing consulting services for different clients, and carry out specific research and advisory services.

We help clients explore the most dynamic sectors of China's development and future, i.e. FMCG, automotive, finance, telecommunications, consumer goods, retail, IT and office equipment, industrial, pharmaceutical and other areas.  Offering research expertise in the consumer market, brand, marketing, channel organization and management of information, research and consulting services to help clients understand where the industry environment, identify target markets and effective marketing, the development of lasting and profitable customer relationships.

EBMRS has extensive customer service background and experience in many cases. We will help you to determine the actual situation of the market with a clear goal to decide what kind of research methods, how to design and analysis of the project to get our customers the most clear and effective program. Our consumer research includes qualitative analysis from the in-depth, focus group interviews and a series of measures to quantitative research. In order to give customers a better result, we will use tailored survey for the customer programs, such as brand management strategy. Once completed the data collection, we will begin to process data and interpret data and analysis data.

Our team has valuable experience on customer service and familiarity with the local market so that we can form the data analysis in the most effective way to find consumer insights. We offer our customers tailor-made service design to create a strategic plan to resolve specific customer problems.

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