In the energy and chemical industry market research, EBMRS is one of the few in the China able to provide strategic, marketing and the implementation of high-end research companies. We gain many experiences in the oil and gas energy industry, to include oil and gas upstream and downstream industries and value chain. Our customers tailored solutions provide customers with premium services.

Our research team projects in the areas of energy and chemical industry covering market opportunities, new-product launch planning, marketing and brand strategy, network optimization, and organizational design, and due-diligence for M&A, distribution management and overseas export strategy, etc.

Typical research services

Market entry strategy - to develop long-term development strategy including the setting of development vision, clear and detailed industry development goals, identify the product portfolio strategy, design strategy of the major business segments expands the market and internal analysis of the energy and chemical industries and enterprises.

Brand and marketing strategy - target customers and competitors’ analysis methods and theoretical framework for the strategic direction of corporate design brand positioning, brand portfolio and brand connection, and the corresponding channels and networks of strategic planning under the brand's strategic objectives

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