The quality of data or information will determine the success of your projects.  Therefore, to ensure our survey to get the right data or information, EBMRS has a set of strict quality control procedure.
Preliminary stage
1. Questionnaire design
By applying our experiences over the years, we have formulated questionnaire templates that are of professional standard. As different projects have different requirements, our researchers will edit the template accordingly. Before we carry out the surveys, our clients will have to revise the questions and pilot interviews have to be made. Any problems occurred during the pilot interviews will be reviewed and amended to the satisfaction of our clients.
2. Project training
To make sure the surveyors understand the various way and principles of sampling, the purpose of China market research and the surveying techniques (which includes projecting and asking of questions), our surveyors will undergo strict and in depth foundation trainings. Surveyors will be given extra trainings that pertain to the requirements of the questionnaire in every respect and be arranged for simulated survey.
3. Simulated survey
After the completion of the trainings, we will undergo a simulated survey. The simulated survey will prepare the trainees on how an actual survey would be carried out. The people supervising the simulation will be those who were through the training and are very familiar with the whole procedure. The simulation will occur at a time period not shorter than what the actual situation requires. 
Survey execution

 Quality control includes:
 1. The surveyor must follow strictly the structure of the questionnaire, when asking question. They will have to comply with the requirements and the questionnaire must be completed without omission.
 2. When conducting the survey, the surveyor must not provide any suggestion/subjective explanation or change the phrasing of the questions. The surveyor would create biasness as the subjects may change their opinions when the question is asked from another perspective.
 3. The surveyor must promptly report to his or her supervisors when any problems encountered so that their supervisors can provide them with assistance.
 4. Surveyors will have to submit their questionnaires within the designated period. The surveyors are not given their next assignment until the QC department has checked and validated their questionnaires.
 5. A routine meeting will be held to discuss the project progress and existing problems with the project.
 6. Our clients will be consistently updated with our project progress and situation.
The project manager has the responsibility of making sure that the projects progress as planned. Should there be any deviation, the project manager will have to find the root of the problem and if the deviation will affect the progression or quality of the project, they will have to come out with immediate remedies and then report to the department's head. After the project has ended, the project manager will have to evaluate the surveyors and thereafter, save into the surveyors' profile. 

Questionnaire verification
For verification, the QC department will examine the questionnaire (independent of surveyors) for at least twice:
1. Firstly, questionnaires with incomplete or inconsistent answers will be picked out. The QC department will also scrutinize the open-ended questions.
2. Next, any problematic questionnaires will be reexamined by contacting the interviewee again. At the same time, 40% of the questionnaire will be taken out for reexamination. Should there be any dubious part of the selected questionnaires; more proportion of the questionnaire will be taken out for reexamination. If there are problems with the surveyors, they will be deemed void and the equal amount will be replaced by other surveyors.

Report verification
Finally, all reports that are submitted to our clients will have to go through our panels of project managers, experts and senior consultants. The process includes verification of language, data and content of the reports to ensure that our clients will receive the highest quality.