Product Research


Research value:


To provide research services for client product planning based on industry trends, customer needs, competitive information, SWOT analysis, etc.

- Help you to launch the products and services targeted for different segment markets. Based on the product research models to assess market opportunities for new products, concept testing for a new products, product mix, product positioning, competitive and price model of research

- In understanding the target consumer acceptance of products and prices. Meanwhile, whenever competitors make price adjustments, we can help you make the appropriate and timely adjustment of product strategy.


- Qualitative research: focus group discussion (FGD), mini-focus of the forum (FGD), one on one in-depth interview

- Quantitative Research: User Survey
Analysis: Product developing model, Kano model, multi-factor market potential prediction model, and new products evaluation such as the integrated pricing model

Application in:

Concept testing and product testing
Product Positioning
Market Feasibility
Product Competitiveness


EBMRS has the unique product research models to ensure your product success in the market place.
In the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, Telecom IT, mobile phones, home appliances, software applications, Internet, entertainment and other customers through product planning, concept testing, new product research, product marketing, event planning, new-product programs