Consumer Research

Research value:

Based on understand the internal needs of the consumers’ usage and expectation, the information of consumer's precision of product and brand, we can provide the brand maps of the competitive situation in the market. Combined with the analysis of demographic, we can help you understand the level of product penetration and depth reasons.

- We have an accurate model of consumer segments, consumer characteristics and the use of behavior models (consumer attitudes, lifestyle and values), satisfaction and loyalty research model.



Research methods include CLT, CATI, and FGD

Analysis methods include segmentation model, cluster analysis, regression analysis and etc.


Application in:

• Market segmentation and evaluation
• Consumer usage and demand study
• Analysis of customer information
• Consumption patterns


In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Automotive, IT& Telecom, mobile phones, home appliances, software applications, entertainment and other fields we have accumulated lots of successful experience